Stand Up and Be Counted (Numbers 1-2)

Tuesday, August 30

rebecca tues

By Rebecca Dauksas

How would you like to be remembered? Of course, we all want to be remembered fondly.  Wouldn’t it be great if people said that you were a great person of faith? That you were so loving.  You were kind and an inspiration to them. All would be great descriptions and a fine legacy to leave for future generations.  In Numbers Chapter 1 we found men that were remembered as the head of their families given an immense task.  They were to take a “census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families listing every man by name, one by one”.  You may not recall Elizur, but he was one of the men who assisted Moses and Aaron as they counted every male who was 20 years old or older who could serve in the military. It is now that we realize how enormous this group truly is.

Elizur was from the tribe of Reuben and their count was 46,500. Lets add the men counted from the tribe of Simeon which was 59,300.  Our total with just two tribes is 105,800.  The crowd is way over the limit for the stadium used for the opening ceremony for the recent Olympic Games.  It has a capacity of 78,838.

The total of males that were twenty years old or more who were able to serve in Israel’s army was 603, 550. That number did not include the Levites who would take care of the tabernacle of the covenant along with all of its furnishings.

This community was huge.  Yet, God was organizing these tribes and families.  He was assigning jobs. He knew each heart and each mind.  God is able to oversee a community with millions while still overseeing our individual hearts.  That is why God was needed in the center of the Israelite camp and why we need Him in the center of our lives today.  He can orchestrate our lives giving us order and guidance.  His spirit will direct our thoughts, decisions and He directs our steps helping us do more for His kingdom. Allow Him to be at the center of your life today and be comforted to know that God always remembers us.







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