Oxen in the Offering Plate (Numbers 7-8)

Friday, September 2

Rebecca Fri

By Rebecca Dauksas

We have a time in our Worship Service when we receive tithes and offerings.  Of course, for most of us that means writing a check or placing cash in the offering plate.  It is not the objects themselves that are of value, but the time and energy we exerted to create the money for our gifts to the LORD. In Numbers 7 the leaders of Israel brought their offerings of Dedication for the Tabernacle. They presented twelve oxen and six carts to the LORD in front of the Tabernacle.  The LORD told Moses to let each leader bring his gifts on a different day for the dedication of the altar. They placed them before the altar. The offering of each leader included a silver plate, a silver sprinkling bowl filled with the finest flour mixed with olive oil, a gold dish filled with incense, a young bull, a ram, a male lamb, a male goat, two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs. Can you imagine bringing in these gifts?  But these offerings had value. The people crafted the carts, formed the precious metal dishes, raised the animals, …these offerings cost the people something.  They wanted to donate these items to the LORD.  They wanted to show their thankfulness, they wanted to be a part of their Tabernacle.  What are we offering the LORD this week?  Maybe it is from our checkbook or wallet and maybe it is our time.  Time invested in Bible Study. Time devoted to serving the needs of others.  Time spent with God in prayer.  Time showing others what the Love of God truly looks like.  Of course, we want to support the work of God financially – the LORD loves a cheerful giver.  But we want to offer the LORD more than just our financial gifts.  We want to offer ourselves.  Think about a God given ability or talent that you have. Could you use that in some way to serve God today?





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