Shema: Listen & Obey (Deuteronomy 5-7)

Wednesday, September 14

By Joseph Partain

These chapters you read are some of the most important chapters to me personally. If only each of us could live our lives by ch. 5 and 6 there would be nothing to be said but “well done good and faithful servant. The ten commandments are recalled in ch. 5. Verse 1 says “I declare them in your hearing today, to learn them, and then follow them”. This reminds us of James when he states not to be merely hearers of the word and be deceived but DO them. The ten commandments are timeless and Jesus lived a life displaying these very commands. How are we at making God the first in our lives, making the Sabbath a day just for the Lord, not coveting something someone else has, or honoring our father and mother. All of these are not for God’s benefit but for ours that we may benefit and those around us also.

Chapter 6 is a must for memorizing. v4-9 is known as the Shema and is recited by some Jews daily. If you have children or have any influence on children you will notice them watching you and then mimicking your actions. This can be a good thing if you are doing what these verses command. There is no time of the day that is not a teaching moment for your children in God’s word. Noah preached for years and his family was the only ones that entered the boat; some may see that as a failure but his words and actions saved his family. I love v. 20 that says “when your son ask”, anyone who has been around kids know they will ask you who, what, where, when, and especially why. This is a time to tell them what God has done for you personally and all of us that believe have a testimony to share.

Chapter 7 states to completely destroy your enemy. Our enemy is sin and sometimes we get rid of the big things that people can see but we leave some small sins that we think are not a big deal. God tells the Israelites to not show mercy on their enemies but completely destroy them. Be sure to allow God to deal with us to get rid of anything that separates us from him. The last part of ch 7 is God telling them the benefits of keeping his commands. v12 states “God will keep his covenant of love with us”. This was shone to us: when we were still sinners, God sent his son.

Let these words you read today touch you and draw you close to a God who loves like no other. May God bless your reading, learning, and doing all that you read today.


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