No Way! That’s Impossible! 

Nehemiah 5-7


Friday, December 9

God really knows how to get things done.  As work progressed on the wall around Jerusalem Nehemiah was appointed governor over the land of Judah.  He was made aware that many of the Jews were oppressing one another.  There were famine like conditions and many people were being exploited in their plight to supply food to their families by fellow Jews.  This was appalling to Nehemiah and he ordered the people to stop exploiting one another.  He also was very generous in making sure that the workers on the wall were receiving food portions.

Then another encounter with Sanballat and Tobiah comes along.  Sanballat plots to meet with Nehemiah  outside the city so that the work on the wall will be stalled or ceased.  But Nehemiah refuses to leave the city.  Then Sanballat further entices Nehemiah to come and meet with him by telling him that lies are being told about him that people  – especially other rulers will believe and come against Jerusalem.  Nehemiah tells Sanballat that his words are just that – a bunch of lies, no one believes because they are lies, and he refuses to leave work on the city wall.   Then in desperation Sanballat and Tobiah hire a false prophet to entice Nehemiah to come and hide in the temple, but Nehemiah sees through the false prophet and work on the wall continues.

The wall is miraculously completed in 52 days!  News of this spreads to the surrounding nations and they know without a doubt that God helped the Jews to accomplish this task.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to complete a project that big?  In our day and age it would take much longer than that to build a wall around even one of our smallest cities.  Contractors would be arguing, funding would constantly be an issue – in short we could not do that same task today even with modern technology and machinery.  The reason that Jerusalem’s walls went up so quickly and efficiently is because God was in the work.  He was also in the heart of the worker.  Nehemiah was faced with what seemed like an impossible task, but we know that God loves to help do the impossible.  With God all things are possible.   Are you facing a huge test, or a difficult situation, or a relationship that is troubling you?  Have you given that impossible situation, test, or relationship to God for him to handle?  With God all things are possible.  He always provides the answers to our impossible situations in His timing, and His perfect way.  It may not always be the solution that we are expecting but He is able to make impossible situations possible.  God is still able to work miracles and loves to help his children who put their trust in His ability.   Key Thought:  Give your impossible situations to God and let Him handle them – He loves to do the impossible.

-Merry Peterson



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