Attention Grabbers

Proverbs 4-7



Sunday, January 22



Fashion reviews, stock market reports, Facebook feeds and social media, your sport of choice and preferred teams, entertainment gossip, Pinterest, politics, your GPA, your app of choice, the most recent episode of “insert title here”, money-making schemes, bazillions of Youtube videos, work and career endeavors, God’s Word?


What do you pay attention to?  In today’s noisy and congested society there are no doubt many options out there vying for your attention.  If you are reading this, congratulations!  God’s Word has made your list!  In Solomon’s proverbs for today an often repeated theme is: Sonny boy, PAY ATTENTION to these words of wisdom.  LISTEN UP!  Not just because I say so, but because these words of wisdom bring life and health (Proverbs 4:10, 13,22). They give understanding (Proverbs 4:1).   They are a light keeping you on the right path (Proverbs 5:8, 6:23, 24).  They provide protection (Proverbs 4:6).  I doubt you will find such benefits from your time invested in paying attention to so much of today’s “attention grabbers”.  Some of today’s attention grabbers are fancy time-wasters, pulling you away from what matters most.  And, just as in Solomon’s day, some of those sparkly attention grabbers will actually entice, or push, you down an immoral and dangerous path.


Chapters 5 & 7 include vivid descriptions of a young man being led astray by a woman whose speech drips like honey (5:3), and who sets a trap leading to death (5:5, 7:22,23) even though, “she knows it not.” (5:6).  Similarly, tempting traps leading to sin today are most often not advertised as such – sometimes because the attention grabbers don’t even know that they are on a crooked path.   It is ridiculously naïve to assume all the attention grabbers have our best interest in mind or are truly offering harmless fun.  Rather, when we spend more and more time paying attention to the wisdom contained in God’s Word (in Proverbs and throughout) we see more clearly what is helpful and what is hurtful, what leads to death and what leads to life.  What will you pay attention to today?

If you answered God’s Wisdom . . . how can you do that better and better . . . starting today?  How about writing out some Proverbs to post around your home where you will see them often.  Post Scripture on your technology wallpaper and social media.  A verse such as Psalm 101:3 on your TV.  Listening to God’s Word as you get ready for the day or during your commute.  Doing a Bible study on a word or topic.  Let God grab your attention!  You won’t be disappointed.

-Marcia Railton

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