The Key to the Treasure!

Isaiah 32-34


Tuesday, February 14

Today we are pirates. Isaiah gave us a treasure map! What’s the treasure you ask? Well, look no further than Isaiah 33:5-6. Locked up somewhere is a sure foundation for our times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge. Huh? No cash? If none other than the creator of the heavens and the earth holds the key to this treasure, then I think it’s safe to assume that these things are better than anything that you could find in a pirates treasure chest. The most valuable things you can ever obtain in this life are listed right here: a sure foundation, wisdom, knowledge and salvation. Thankfully we know exactly how to get the key to those treasures. Fear the Lord. After all the things we’ve read in Isaiah, it’s easy to see the power that God holds. But don’t just fear God with your mouth, fear him in your heart. Then, you will get the key to these treasures.

-Nathaniel Johnson

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