God Will Come

Isaiah 35-37


Wednesday, February 15

Today’s reading is split into two sections. The first is carrying over from what we’ve been reading earlier this week and the second is the start of a war story (chapter 36). I want to leave the war story for tomorrow once we’ve read more of it so for now let’s look at the cheerful words in chapter 35!


The words in verses 3-7 are just beautiful. Every problem you’ve ever had, every disease will be cured because “God will come” (35:4). When God comes to save us, even the most barren of places will have reason to be happy. It says that the desert will be glad. Even if you’re in a place where you feel like there’s nothing going right, your burning sands will become a pool of refreshing water.


It seems like these days, there’s always someone or something trying to trip us up. Those things are the lions. The day is coming when those beasts won’t be found anymore. They won’t be able to get on the path that we choose to take. No more running, only joy and laughter.

-Nathaniel Johnson


(Photo credit: http://www.alittleperspective.com/isaiah-34-and-35/)


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