Time for Some Reshaping?

Jeremiah 18-21


Saturday, March 4

A very close tie in exists between chapter 17 and chapters 18-20.  Destruction is in sight (chapter 17) but repentance can still prevent that (18:7,8).  However, repentance was not really coming (18:12), so Jeremiah’s shattered flask illustrated God’s judgement on Israel (chapter 19).  Then their rejection of God’s word (19:15) led to persecution against God’s mouthpiece Jeremiah (chapter 20).
18-20 is God’s 7th message chapter 21 is God’s 8th message.  The invasion has began.  Now they not only have the Babylonians as their enemy, but God.  Jeremiah tells them to submit and surrender to the invaders so they would be captured and not killed.
Has your sin brought you pain?
Their is still time to repent.  Sometimes we feel like its too late but God can still save you and reshape your life to hold all that God has intended for you.  What will you do? (18:2-10).
-Andy Cisneros
(Photo credit: http://hiswordinpictures.blogspot.com/2016/08/jeremiah-186b.html)

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