Tune In!

Jeremiah 27-29

jer 29

Tuesday, March 7


After struggling to come up with a devotional topic that hasn’t been completely overdone (Jeremiah 29:11 anyone?), I finally decided on a specific idea to focus on:

Lies are hidden by “good” and the only way to differentiate is by listening.

Hananiah, the false prophet from chapter 28 did not come screaming lies against God, but he came claiming “good” things.  Even Jeremiah was excited about what Hananiah had to say!  Many lies in our own lives come disguised as “good” too.  Some are obvious and easy to avoid; that’s like our pre-test.  Others come hidden behind things that make us feel good and happy, and that is the true test.    So how did Jeremiah know that this “good” prophecy was fake?  He listened when God spoke to him.

I once heard the metaphor that God is like a radio station.  He is always broadcasting, but we have to tune in to hear Him. (Thanks, Susan Landry!)  I know  that I don’t always really listen when God is talking to me.  I’ve been known to completely ignore Him in fact!  As you would imagine, this generally ends in a whole lotta stress and unnecessary discomfort.  It’s not until I really hear what He has to say that things fall back into place.

Jeremiah 29:13 says “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  God promises to His people that as long as they are seeking, He will be there!  He is always broadcasting, we just have to tune in to the right station!

-Sarah Blanchard


(Photo Credit: http://www.todaysbibleverse.com/)


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