It’s Not What it Looks Like

Luke 14-16

(Luke 16:15)

Saturday, May 19

“Its not what it looks like! I’m just looking for Devin!” The moment I had said this I was seeing my life flash before my eyes as my friend’s 220 lbs, Marine vet, picked me up by my neck and roughly placed me on the hood of his truck. After that I had explained and showed his dad the text that was from Devin asking for me to meet him at his house. I was not trying to steal anything from their house, but Devin’s Dad did not know it until I proved it.

 One day God will correct all dues according to the heart of every man/woman. In Luke 16:15  It says God knows the heart of Man. That is true, God knew my intention in walking into Devin’s garage that day was innocent. Although things were figured out sooner than judgement day, God still knew it.
Have you ever found yourself in a “It’s not what it looks like!” situation? If you have, did you try to reconcile it or prove it was “not what it looks like”? Don’t worry if you are innocent, God will forgive it in the end, but if you are guilty, maybe you should give it some thought to confront your situation. Don’t forget, God knows your intentions and heart.
-Jesse Allen

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