When God says speak . . . don’t strike instead (Numbers 18-20)

September 6

talon tues

By Talon Paul

In Numbers 18-20, most of us have gotten bored of all the sacrifice talk and all the specifics that the priests had to perform to make these sacrifices. There is also detail given to what happens when someone touches a dead body, purification, and everything else that just does not apply to us today. However, beyond all of these historical specifics, there is a tragic story in chapter 20 for Moses and Aaron.

Moses and Aaron are commanded to speak to a rock in order to produce water for the Israelites (v.8), but instead, they hit the rock with a staff (v.11). This was an act of disobedience and disbelief (v.12). Because of these actions, both Moses and Aaron are forbidden to enter the Promised Land.

Let this serve as a fair reminder for us as well. If we do not have full and complete trust in God and His plan for salvation, and if we do not obey His Son (see John 3:36), we will not enter the Promised Land (Kingdom of God) either. God demands our full obedience and trust, even when we are frustrated and things don’t quite make sense. We must have absolute faith in Him because He has something greater in store for us, rather than disobeying Him.