Will you be like the 10? Or the 2? (Numbers 12-14)

Sunday, September 4 – Start of Week 7

talon sun

By Talon Paul

After the Israelites have been freed from their slavery in Egypt by God Almighty (see Ex. 3-14), the Israelites are on their way through the desert towards the land that God promised to Abraham and his descendants (see Gen. 12). However, along this brutal journey, the Israelites become hungry, angry, and resentful of their God. In chapter 13, the Israelites are within distance of the Promised Land and send spies to see how the land looks, and if they are able to overcome it. Two out of the twelve spies believe that God will give them this land, while the other ten are fearful and not trusting of God. It gets so bad that the Israelites start to miss their past life in Egyptian slavery! (see 14:3-4)

Our Christian walk can be much the same as the Israelites’ journey. There are times when we question whether or not the promise of the Kingdom of God is worth all the hardships that we face. We sometimes become bitter and resentful of our God as well, although we know He has a better future planned for us. We sometimes look back and wonder if our lives before becoming Christian was easier and better for us too!

Let the Israelites’ story be a warning to us. They were unable to enter the Promised Land because they desired their past life more than God’s plan. I pray that we don’t fall into that same trap. Put your hope in God and His plans, especially when times seem rough. He has a better future in store for us; immortal life without pain or sorrow.