Simple Obedience (Numbers 34-36)

Sunday, September 11 – Start of Week 8


By Joseph Partain

Chapter 34 gives us God’s boundaries for the promised land for the Israelites. The land that he promised is more than the Israelites ever occupied. This is so similar to us today, we never fully enjoy all God is willing to do for us always based on unwillingness to follow his commands. In this case the battle was won for the Israelites and in v 16-29 God allows his children to join in the spoils of the victory he provided. God also tells Moses the names of the individuals to assign the land. We see how God knows the individuals names and is involved in this situation in great detail. God still is involved in great detail in our lives today and invites us to enjoy the victory and the inheritance if only we trust him.

Chapter 35 – This chapter opens with the scattering of the Levites throughout Israel as prophesied by Jacob in Genesis 49:7 which states ” I will scatter them in Jacob and disperse them in Israel”.

God also gives a command to have cities of refuge to ensure that every person has a chance at a fair trial. God then gives his commands on what is murder and  manslaughter and the punishments for each. The only way the man could leave the city of refuge was with the death of the high priest. The death of our high priest, Jesus the Christ has given us freedom.

Chapter 36 deals with the inheritance of Zelophehad’s daughters. I would think they would want to marry outside their clan as to get a better last name but God tells them to only marry inside their tribe. The best part of this command is in v.10 when the daughter did as the Lord commanded them. Some of the most remarkable verses in the Bible are when people don’t argue with God about his commands but simply obey. When we learn that an all knowing and loving God has commands for our benefit, the response should be simple obedience.

(To remember what we have seen in the book of Numbers . . .